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"Negative feelings are nature's way of telling you that now is the time for change." Ballantyne

BSc(TCM) BSc(Psych. Bio.)Dip. Hyp.

Qualified for 9 years I use tried and tested techniques such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming for weight loss, anxiety, stop smoking and more....

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We 'write' the story of our lives via the images, anticipations and dialogue we carry out in our minds. In this way we programme our future in precisely the same way we would programme a computer. In fact we are programmed to programme ourselves like a computer - nor are we able to stop or prevent the way we are designed to be. In this manner we live our lives for better or for worse but all too often for the worse. Because sadly the 'system' we operate under is highly unforgiving. Once we have 'impressed' (encoded) our minds with the dialogue, which will set our future behaviour patterns, it is as indelible as ink. We are stuck with the consequences and unable to do anything about it, other than one thing, which I will explain later. But suffice it to say that our self-programming causes untold misery including psychological problems and more.

Coding takes places for a multitude of reasons including just about anything we have been exposed to. And there is nothing we can do about it -    EXCEPT FOR ONE THING -download with the code you wish to live with - overlaying old negative codes, which are the root of addictions, weight problems , anxiety and more - this is achievable using hypnotherapy.  The words that are spoken to you will overlay old unhealthy encoding, which afflict the mind with unhealthy behaviour patterns. This is the way to change. (Ballantyne)

The One Thing